Monday, September 26, 2016

Cross on the Rock - Mt Washington
Race #2 Race Report by Evan Luksay

The debut venue provided 239 racers with a tight, muddy, off camber course that went throughout the upper section of the “Green Acres” ski trail (right below alpine lodge). The conditions at the time of the race were overcast, yet the rain was still holding off, perfect cross race conditions. The beginner race started out with a two hundred meter uphill sprint, I was luckily able to get the holeshot and ended up going into the tapped section with the leading position. The next quarter lap was filled with tight turns and bends on incredibly slippery grass. Immediately after crossing the finish line starting us on our official first lap we came into a pair of barriers, I ran over them with speed yet I caught my wheel on the second one thus making me put down my bike roughly. Once I tried re-mounting my bike I quickly realized that I had lost my chain on my front ring! I moved over to the side of the track while I fumbled to put my chain back on, yet it was stuck in my front chain ring! My Dad was luckily spectating the race where I had pulled over so he helped me with the chain, it took a couple minutes to finally get going on course again yet I realized I had gone from first to nearly 30th! I spent the next twenty minutes going throughout the ups and downs of the tight course regaining positions, it was great practise at passing aggressively. Sadly, on my last lap lightning struck twice and my chain jammed again when going over the barriers! Luckily, it only lost me a few positions and I was able to maintain my position for the rest of the race. Overall, it was a awesome race as I learned how to pass smoothly and efficiently while also having loads of fun on a amazing new venue!

Ian Lehton and Hudson Webster had a tight battle while Malcolm Lehton had a great finish in Beginner Men.

Brynn Johnston in Beginner Women’s finished third with Eva Leikermoser close behind!

Trial Bicycles had a great showing in Intermediate Men with Breckin Nowak, Erik Ashton and Jake Yells all having solid races!

Lastly, Emilly Johnston placed third in Expert Women!

CYCLOCROSS RACE REPORTS from the team are coming in hot and heavy! 
What a great start to the season racing in the @cross on the rock series. Starting with Jake Yells racing Topaz Park, Victoria: 
"First off I’d like to point out this was my first CX race and as promised it was awesome.
I had an early start to the day to catch a ride with the Nowaks. We got to Topaz Park and to me it looked crazy, all I could see was ribbons everywhere. I got ready and went for a pre-ride. The course started with a lot of turns on the grass and shot into the woods for a very loose corner, Then back to the field for more turns and then onto a wood chip path that was quite loose....then another corner in the field into two tight switchbacks on a steep hill then two straight aways into more field and over two wooden barriers, then the lap point/finish line. I finished the pre-ride just before beginners started, so I registered and went to watch the beginners race. Off the start Evan, Ian, Hudson and Malcolm were doing well. Evan was inside the top ten and on fire. Evan Luskay finished 9th, Ian Lehton in 28th, Hudson Webster in 47th, and Malcolm Lehton in 53rd.... pretty good I must say.Then came Beginner women. Brynn took off with an amazing start and pretty much held that spot for the race. She finished in 13th.
Now the team was doing very well and I was wondering If we could hold that through Intermediate men, my race.
We had a running start to get our bikes. That's where I ran into a bit of a problem, I ran up to where I left my bike but it wasn't there! So I started running around looking for my bike. As I looked ahead, I saw someone drop a bike that looked like mine and jump on another one....Guess what? It was my bike!!! So I ran up to my bike and finally I got in the race. As I jumped on my bike I clipped pedals with someone and they flipped over.[Sorry for that]
After that interesting start I was on the course way back in the pack. I thought I was doing pretty good through the field, over the barriers and through the trees. I yelled a “Oh no” as I passed Erik who had just lost his chain. I picked up more and more speed passing lots of people until I got too much speed and wiped out in the corner cutting my ankle and knocking my chain off. This lost me a lot of time because my chain was really fighting me and wouldn’t go back on. I gained momentum again for the rest of the race and passed a few more people, but was still a little scared to go faster again. Right at the end I saw Erik whose chain had fallen off again, but he was not discouraged and sprinted across the finish line ahead of me. When we finished I found out that our good friend Carter Woods took the win, Breckin Nowack was 11th, and though I almost lapped Erik due to chain trouble somehow he finished ahead of me in 42nd and I was 43rd! Nice work Erik!!!
After that we had the masters race [the dads race]. We stood around and handed water to the dads and cheered them on as they whipped by.
Dave Nowak finished 8th, Wade Luksay in 21st, Dan Lehton in 39th,
and Chuck Ashton in 64th.
In expert women Emilly Johnston had a blazing start holding off 3rd place for the first few laps but ended up falling back a few spots to finish in 8th.
An awesome day for all of us in the first race of the year! Thanks so much to all our team sponsors for helping make racing happen for the team: Airport Service and Mini-Storage Sew What, I Sew Trail Bicycles Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd. Wedler Engineering LLP Rob Nygren Royal Lepage RealtorWestern One Rentals and Sales Riverway Dental Inc.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Island Cup Series Final - Yolanda Lehton

Island Cup Series Final – Hartland 19 June 2016

This was the Island Cup Series Finale and despite six hours of driving to and from Victoria, it was very well attended by the Comox community. Over a quarter of the racers were from the valley!
We were rewarded for making the trek with fantastic sunny dry weather, great trails with good traction and some excellent podium placements. This course was the shortest but most technical of the race series.
Team Trail Bicycles had a great turn out on the podium. Eva Leikemoser took second place for beginner women and had the most accumulated points to take the series title for Island Cup Beginner Women.
In beginner men, Ian Lehton placed first. Since he was tied for points for the Island Cup, the series title was decided by today’s race winner. Ian took the series title for Island Cup Beginner Men!
Hudson Webser also had an exciting race placing fifth today. He needed his foot race skills as much his mountain biking ones after putting a good ding in his rim and flatting. Hudson placed third in the series Beginner Men and received one of the very cool new medals!
Malcolm placed sixth today Beginner Men after helping his new little friend along when they got off the course and she fell. What a gentleman!
Anja Leikemoser finished first in her category of the Island Cup Series, U19 Intermediate Women!

Thank you so much to all our sponsors for helping us put together such a strong 2016 race team. Sew What, I Sew, Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd., Rob Nygren Royal Lepage Realtor, Western One, Riverway Dental Inc., Wedler Engineering LLP, Airport Service and Mini-Storage, and Trail Bicycles

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Kelowna Classic XC by Erik Ashton

The Kelowna Classic XC by Erik Ashton
The Kelowna Classic XC was a wicked one. With rain up until a few hours before the loud “go!”, the course was the tackiest you can possibly get in the okanagan. The course was a quick road climb bottleneck into a smooth singletrack, switchback climb. When you got to the top of the singletrack climb, you go into a quick passing opportunity for a 15 second doubletrack. Then comes the first of the two fast, flowy, punchy descents. This first section included two drops, (one mandatory) and the other you can ride around. After the first descent, there was a flat smooth double track that went on for roughly .7 of a km. It then split in two. Going left was an extra two km for the masters, U17, U19, Elite, and so on. That continuation took you up a steep doubletrack climb into an overgrown descent. My route however, was for the U13 and U15 boys and that was a continued double track which led into the second descent. The second part was only 1.3 km but it was more steep which involved an off camber rock garden section which put a few in the bush! From there it was a quick overgrown section which led to the lap point. At the lap point you could take a hard left into a 200m sprint to the finish line or continue through. My race was a very fun one. We had three laps and I was off like a rocket but unfortunately, as soon as I got to the singletrack, I got a slow leak in my tire! The climb did not involve much rocks and roots so I kept climbing until I got to the quick double track section to get some co2 in my tire. It worked ok, but I was off my bike for over a minute! When I got back on, I was in 4th place and passed 3rd and 2nd over time. I was gaining on my competition who was then about 10 seconds ahead when the final sprint came. I only made up a few seconds, but not quite enough for the pass. After my race I was satisfied and we had a good burger with some drinks! We then had our podium which was 1st place with Team Devo Leaf Rogers, 2nd place Trail Bicycles Cycling Team Erik Ashton and 3rd place Trail Bicycles Cycling Team Jake Yells! 

Island Cup Marathon Cumberland - June 11th by Kieran Nilsen

Island Cup Marathon Cumberland - June 11th by Kieran Nilsen
Back in Kamloops, Carter and I were debating whether we should do a team of two, or a team of four in the upcoming 12 hours of Cumberland. The 12 hours of Cumberland is a marathon race involving teams of either two, 4 or solo. The idea is to do as many laps of a 7.5 km course in 12 hours as possible. As we debated whether to do two or four, Carter said, ‘’why don’t we do it solo?’’ I said yes, we convinced our parents and soon enough it was Friday evening, and we were signed up to ride our bikes alone for twelve hours straight. Our family camped in our trailer at the venue on Friday night. Greg from Bibliotaco gave me the biggest burrito I had ever seen and I made some last minute checks to make sure all was well on the bike. After a very poor and nervous sleep that night I woke up an hour and a half before the start of the race.
I woke up that morning, buttered up my different chamois, and headed down to pick up my race plate. After breakfast of oatmeal we set off at 8:00 am. We were showing off, pulling wheelies and drifting corners for a whole two hours. When we found out we were at three hours, we began to realize how long of a day it was going to be. At four hours Carter started to feel nauseous. At five hours I started to weave and wander off the trail. At the six hour mark we got the best advice ever given to us. Stop. Get a real meal. Just as that was the best advice ever, it was the best decision ever. With a burger and a few Red Bull in our stomachs, we head back out feeling awesome. Just as before, our condition slowly deteriorated up until hour ten. We pedalled slowly through, finding out we still had two hours left go. We managed to get in two more laps before finally calling it quits at just over eleven hours. All in all it was an amazing experience. I pushed myself harder than I ever have before and am stoked to be able to say I completed the 12 Hours of Cumberland. Our other teams placed amazingly with our boys’ team crushing the kid’s category and our mixt team coming fourth. So happy with how the event turned out and super excited for when next year rolls around.
A Big Thank You to our sponsors: Sew What, I SewEatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd.Rob Nygren Royal Lepage RealtorWestern One Rentals and SalesRiverway Dental Inc.Wedler Engineering LLPAirport Service and Mini-StorageTrail Bicycles

BC Enduro Series - Kamloops - June 4th by Kieran Nilsen

BC Enduro Series​ Race Report, Kamloops BC, June 4th
by Kieran Nilsen

We left on Friday afternoon to head out to Kamloops for my third BC Enduro series stop this year. By now I had the race process a little more figured out. It was about not just being fast, but being consistent. That was my goal. Practice on Saturday did not go too well. We rode stage three first as it was the easiest to access then hiked up to stage one. A ways down stage one I ended up taking a pretty bad crashes resulting in a crushed helmet and a very broken derailleur. I slowly made my way down to the car and waited for Carter to finish up practice so we could go to the bike shop. After finally getting all my stuff figured out we headed back to the venue later on that day. I managed to get in all the stages for practice except for the last one and was exhausted after a long stressful day.
That next morning I packed up all my stuff, help load the bikes onto the truck and we took off to the race. I rode pretty clean but also pretty conservatively. I definitely could’ve pushed myself a little more on stage one but sometimes that’s how racing goes. Stage two was fast except for the mistake I made near the top where I went off track completely and ended up in a meadow. One thing that I forgot to remember was all the blind corners in that stage. Stage three was fast and flowy and I had a couple sketchy moments but it went pretty smooth. Stage four was a slalom course going down the ski run. I was a little nervous and changed over to flat pedals so I could throw my foot out whenever. It went pretty smooth considering I hadn’t ridden it yet. All in all I had an amazing day hanging out with friends and riding bikes.

A Big Thank You to our sponsors: Sew What, I Sew​, Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd.​, Rob Nygren Royal Lepage Realtor​, Riverway Dental Inc.​, Western One Rentals. And Sales​, Wedler Engineering LLP​, Airport Service and Mini-Storage​, Trail Bicycles​

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Race report Canada Cup #3 and 4 by Emily Johnston


Ontario! Yes! June the first to June the thirteenth was the awesomest mountain bike camp ever! First off I was in Barrie Ontario, second I was riding my bike, and thirdly I was riding my bike more. It was sooooooooo much fun. The first Canada cup race was in horseshoe ski resort, we stayed at the georgian residence just outside of Barrie. The race course at horseshoe was great, the bottom section was pretty flat with some short punchy ups and downs then you climbed up the ski hill a little, down the most technical section of the course and through the finish line! My coaches were Mike and Tara, thanks so much I loved my time there and learned tons. One of the great things about getting to go to this camp was getting to know new people. Everyone on the team was super fun and super supportive, I also got to meet a couple people from the Quebec team and from team USA. All of the people I met were super nice (and if they were racing) really great competition and great sportsmen. (If they were cheering) they were super supportive and everyone was always willing to help. Race number one horseshoe sweet, I was racing minime or u15 and we had a 8:30 am start. I had a awesome start and managed to get a good lead off the bat, we did two laps with a total of 8 kilometres and around 38 minutes. After the race I met Emily Batty and got to tag along on her warm up. The next day we all went to canadas wonderland for a rest day, wow! It was really big and really cool. The next race venu was Hardwood. This was probably my favorite xc course of all time. It has everything, fast climbing, flat technical sections, fast flat sections and best of all it had jumps!!!!!!!!!:) That made the course really advantageous for the more technically inclined riders and during the race it gave you something to look forward to. Sadly in the A course (cadet/u17) you don’t get to ride all of them but the ones you do get to ride are so great. This race I got an upgrade to u17 which made my day! I was so stoked and fortunately for me I will get to race U17(cadet) again in St Felicien which is in July. My race had a 11:30 am start and we started with the masters women so it was a packed start line. I got second row but no call up,(pushed my way through the crowd.) My start in this race wasn’t very good, after the first part of the hill climb I was mid pack. I managed to get into the trail in third for u17, then someone passed me and I was in fourth. Lucky for me on a technical section I managed to pass second and third who took the ride around (go big or go home!) On the descent I managed to get a bit of a gap. Thanks enduro boys! On lap two I managed to start to close in on first but I couldn’t catch her! It was a great race, super close with great competition. Damn, two weeks are up, great to be back riding in cumberland though and super excited for provincials in a couple weeks, nationals (Baie st Paul) and St Felicien. Thanks to cycling bc and their sponsors, thanks Jeff and trail bikes for all the support, I had a great time and am super excited for summer, ride bikes everyday! Thanks mum and dad for sending me there and thanks Mike, Tara and the team for helping me out down there!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BC Enduro Series Williams Lake race report: Sunday, May 22nd by Kieran Nilson
Heading out to my second BC enduro this season was super exciting. The plan was to leave Thursday, catch the ferry and stay overnight in whistler. That next morning my dad shuttled Carter and I up creek side so we could do a lap of BC’s trail; one of my favorite DH trails. It’s normally bike park access only but not if you know where to go! Haha! After the ride we cleaned up, ate breakfast and hit the Duffy Lake road. 
We drove through the whole day finally arriving at Williams Lake after about a six hours drive from whistler. We had time to climb up and practice stage 1. Williams Lake was fast and flowy with lots of pedalling. We totally passed out that night. The next day, the plan was to go and get Carter’s bike fixed at the shred shed, then head out for practice. We practiced from 11:30 to 8:00pm eventually meeting up with a good friend Elliot Jamieson. All the stages were super-fast and fun except for stage 3. Having handlebars roughly half the width of the standard size would’ve been ideal to do the many, many tight trees we had to thread through. 
The skies were clear for the race the following day. We packed our stuff up, and rode down to the racer meeting to pick up our plates and chips. Luckily, we were allowed to shuttle up to stage 1 as it was going to be a hot day. My dad gave Bobby, a friend we met at practice, Elliot, Carter and I a ride up near the top but stopping so we could pedal the last bit to get in a warmup. I had a pretty good stage one and two, riding fast and riding clean. Stage three didn’t go as well do to some crashing, but I still didn’t end up placing to bad. Stage four I rode reasonably well with a couple mistakes taking poor line choices.
My day was going pretty well all the way up until stage five, where I ended up crashing and ripping out my front brake line. Stage five also happened to be the steepest of them all and I was completely unable to ride the stage. I had to run/slide my way down the stage before timing out. I lost three minutes. 
Despite that mechanical, I ended up placing eighth out of twelve which wasn’t so bad I guess. Other than stage three, I was less than 5 seconds behind Carter so I would’ve placed third or fourth. I was super stoked to see Carter take the win. All in all, Williams Lake enduro was a pretty successful weekend and I’m stoked to head out to Kamloops in a week.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cumberland Coal Classic 2016

Coal Classic Marathon  -  By Ian Lehton, 12

This was my first marathon race and certainly won't be my last.  For those who do not know what a cross country mountain bike marathon race is, Marathon XC (XCM) is held on a course that is 60 km or more in length and does not cover the same section of trail more than once. In BC however, an exception has been made to allow races over 45 km in length to be defined as Marathon.

My strategy is to race as fast as I can without burning up all my energy by pacing.

Sunday's marathon race was hot which made it hurt a lot and you needed lots of water before, during and after the race.  Luc from the Trail Bicycles shop helped keep cool by having a dip in each lake he passed on the course!

I signed up and finished the 30 km race.  However even though I was tired, I really wanted to try the longer leg, the full course.  With the help of other racers, lots of breaks in the shade I rode the whole course including climbing over 1200 meters.

There were two food stations with watermelon, oranges, bananas, cookies and cola.

Trail Bicycles rode to some great results including sweeping the U18 women's 30 km podium, with Anja and Eva crossing the finish line together with their and mom Katie.  What a ride!

The U18 men's 50 km podium was packed with trail Bicycles' Jake 1st and Ian 3rd.

Other honorable mentions are Tristan from the shop placing 10th, and Dave N. being the quickest dad.  Thanks so much to our sponsors, volunteers and congratulations to all the finishers on this very hot day.    

Official Sponsors for 2016
  • Sew What I Sew
  • Wedler Engineering
  • Riverway Dental Inc.
  • Eatmore Sprouts and Greens Ltd.
  • Western One
  • Royal LePage - Rob Nygren
  • Airport Auto Service
  • Trail Bicycles

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Team race report Mount Prevost Enduro - Stevie Smith Tribute

Trail Bicycles team race report Mount Prevost Enduro - Stevie Smith tribute 

The day started out with an awesome surprise, getting shuttled to the beginning of the first stage by Kieren`s and Carter`s dad`s – thank you. The fast boys just jumped into the trail and I looked at it and thought what am I doing here - It was a freaky start so I walked down the jump and rolled into the trail. I survived the pre-ride! 
Then there were mustaches, a moment of silence and the mass start with a screaming chain saw - then the crazy climb started. I was glad to be part of the ride but boy it was one of my hardest rides ever. My dad said it did not rain at the bottom but it was wet and cold at the top. I need to get more prepared as waiting for my turn I got so cold I could not feel my hands! 
But then there was the downhill. I need to work on that also. I told my dad I am better at cross country when I passed him after the stage 1 but I kept going. The second stage was the funnest but I bailed and bailed hard. I got back up and kept going and to my surprise I came in third for beginner men. I also got an awesome chainsaw trophy that is sitting on my bookshelf for being the youngest rider. 
I never met Stevie but have watched lots of his videos of him riding and talking, so it was cool to be part of a remembrance for him and the fundraiser to help support this awesome sport. 
Race results: Tristan Geisel 15th expert men Kieren Nilsen 6th intermediate men Hudson Webster 3rd beginner men With our good friend: Carter woods from DCC 1st intermediate men It was a hard day of racing but fun. Good job all who came out. 
Thank you to Collin Wilson - Vancouver Island Cup Series Thank you to all our sponsors: Sew What, I Sew, Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd., Rob Nygren Royal Lepage Realtor, Western One, Riverway Dental Inc., Wedler Engineering LLP, Airport Service and Mini-Storage
Hudson Webster Photo link:

~Hudson Webster~